New brain state discovered

April 28, 2020
2 min read

I have discovered a new brain state. I don’t know how to utilize it. Before it was my nap time. As i tried to make my recliner more comfortable, i made it totally like a zero gravity effect with lumber and support of all muscles. Well this lead to me finding a state like of savasan.

My body is in total relaxation.

I do pratyahara.

Then I had problem with noise. After various experiments, i came up with brown noise cancellation. it worked.

So i am in total detachment of body except with the few disturbances by summer time flies.

I never thought that this nap time would lead to this discovery. I could do astral projection but then I have done it enough in lotus position and it is more effective and powerful in that position.

I am thinking of self-hypnosis. but i don’t know. in that state it is very different. it is not like sleep. it is just conscious sleep like someone with a body that is paralyzed. it is wonderful feeling.

It is not like mediation because there is not enough power. it is not like samadhi because the effect of the mind is too much.

May be it has something to do with Vishnu state as opposed to siva’ samadhi.

Well i need to research.