One day at a time

March 25, 2016
2 min read

Today I sat down and patiently listened to speakers. The last time I did that was in 2000. Thereafter I was always the one speaking. As I listened to them and wrote notes, I felt like an old sage who’ d been there done that and now watching wanna-be’s try to prove themselves. They still have something left to do.

But now myself, I’ve nothing left do. All my dreams have come to fruition. I’m just struggling to come in terms with this new found power. It is so powerful. But now it’s just growing. I’m scared that I’d not know where to put this upcoming new power to use.

So without a new vision,I am living one day at a time. It means I make no future plans. Even if I am tempted to try, my deep peace pulls breaks on. It seems what is coming forth in my life that can use this tremendous power filling me, I cannot conceive at all presently. Few glimpses come but again they fade away.

So I live one day at a time. I wake up , run, do my meetings, read, code , write, exercise. Any thoughts of growth are all half-hearted because the full blossom occurred.

How will my powers be used ? I cant even guess being intoxicated in my sense of attainment since several months.