Death is there

November 23, 2018
2 min read

My father died about 32 years ago. He was around my age now. He was never a great communicator so I remember only few interactions with me.
1. He bragged to a friend of his that one day I will become a President, that was the highest position at the UNESCO where he was working
2. When i debated against his opinion once, he was so happy.

Death is never easy despite all these years.

May be that is why i feel that e whatever life I have ahead of me is extra. Truly i feel i have achieved everything i wanted to. More work is ahead but it is nothing to do with me and my needs. They are done with. For as long as I live, I think I will fight any war in this mode of total detachment.

What I want if there is anything, is to be around my family , and community because it is something my father didn’t have the luxury to do. Thus i don’t live for myself because all my life’s missions are complete. I live for my family and the world and i will do whatever i need to do that will not affect my inner peace in anyway.