I got the Answer

March 20, 2014
4 min read

My understanding of my specialness has come full circle after the Seminar from Gregg Branden on his book ” The divine matrix”.

Truly I never cared if there is a soul or god. Whether Buddha was enlightened or not, whether there is life after death, whether the stories in scriptures are myth or fact, whether science is right or spirituality, whether kundalini and chakras are real or bogus, whether Kirlean photography shows the correct properties or not: to many these questions are ends in themselves. For scholars it should be because otherwise how would there be any literature that is so vital for the transmission of knowledge across generations.

However these questions were just a to means understand my self:
l. why am I the way I am?
2. how did various events occur in my life?
3. what does the future hold for me?
4. what decision should I take now?
5. why are others behaving in such ways?
6. how to make my visions come true?
7. how do I know somethings even though I havent read or heard it?

In the quest of these answers I became an atheist and then a natheist. Finally I found where everything originates from. The truth is one where all answers can be answered along with their objections.

Finally I can say
1. There is a world within this world that Gregg Brandon called divine matrix scientist max plank called matrix. This is the same field as the gita calls Bhrama or Parabrahma.
2. This world was a byproduct of the 4 dimensional world or it could be the other way round.
3. Intelligent men whom we call enlightened were able to build various systems and structures in that matrix.
4. Like the physical world, systems and structures were built over earlier ones by newer enlightened men
5. There is an effect from that matrix on the physical world and vice Versa
6. This matrix not just superimposes with physical space but with time and even Causation
7.Human beings by achieving a certain state of feelings and thought Can access into the matrix and based on skill level of mysticism can change elements in that matrix that Can affect them or others or even nature
8. Mysticism is thus a skill to work on this matrix that could be inside oneself or outside the Self
9. Consciousness is the tool to work in the matrix like electric pulse is in the internet.
10. In case of reincarnation the dying body is able to push the consciousness into the matrix onto the next body consciously by taking as much knowledge from past life as possible
11. The thought of Continuity after death and the feeling that of before and after death allows for transmission of structures in the new nervous systems that is required for complete transfer and continuation into the new mission
12. In less evolved souls the general rules take over. Like there is very little if no transfer of consciousness after death.
13. High level of mystic skills are required to navigate in this matrix and in that dimension there are many consciousnesses without physical bodies. Some would be artificial creation by enlightened men and others would be those of men without bodies presently or in transit.
14. Strong enough mystical skills combined with highly advanced managerial skills can turn any vision into reality by combining thought, feelings and actions. Pure mystics cant have an impact on to current world. Pure managers cant get the bliss and divine synchronity from the matrix. I realize my life was unique In that I achieved both without trying.
15. The space is thus not empty. Indeed eventhough it was experimentally proven in the 80’s taking a natheist position I came to know it only in Mar 2014 from stream of Gregg Branden in Youtube. Now it all makes sense. I know where to go next and how.

Equipped with this knowledge I am ready for the task that the Systems in the matrix has for me.

In both worlds I am special because I have two sets of skills that none have. No wonder I had such a hard life full of tests. No wonder nothing could destroy me.

Today I can say is the day of my enlightenment of this life as Manohar Man Shrestha.