My meditation in the 3rd wave

January 28, 2022
3 min read

The 3rd wave of corona has again stopped my career. But now I am not frustrated. I know it was time to complete some unfinished inner business which I did.

I have attained samadhi. I don’t get into that state voluntarily but it occurs under various circumstances that I am not fully aware of. So when i meditate i sometimes fall into samadhi. I realize that when i become conscious and 1 hour has passed without any awareness. It is like deep sleep but different. I think it is a deep deep sleep.

Theoritically if I could identify the triggers and sustaining factors of samadhi over the next years, i could stay in samadhi indefinitely as heard of in mythical stories. In the same time it could be possible to thus ‘hibernate’ for 100 years or more.

However, nothing good would come out of it as the main benefit of mediation is just below the samadhi state when the brain and nadi’s are rewiring and unification with the eternal self is occuring.

I have achieved the final state of samadhi and now i am very calm and not worried.

I had to design a unique contraption of ropes and pillows to be able to sit in samadhi without destroying my body by over-extending the neck, arms, spine etc. Also i still use the binaural beats in my ears. Without all this technology, i would have attained samadhi and the state exactly beyond it or below that.

In this 3rd wave, i had the urge to balance my male and female energy. I cannot write about it here because this knowledge will be misused and misintrepreted. All I am willing to say now is that in the practice related to the siva lingam which is the coded secret of the final stage of perfection in meditation.

Many yogis have misunderstood this practice and paid too high a price in terms of karma trying to reach this siva lingam state. However the truth is that i was able to reach this state only because of the technological advances of the 21st century. What i did would not have been possible earlier and if attempted would have created so much bad karma that it would have been in vain.

So yes, sorry i cannot speak more about it.

So this 3rd wave was again used wisely.

Now i need to keep practicing the 3 new states:

  1. samadhi
  2. beyond and before samadhi
  3. siva lingam

Indeed meditation is never ending.