How to Win stress ?

November 5, 2013
2 min read

The main reason of us being stressed is a poor framework. People dont know what to make out of the various problems that life throws at You.
One of the most effective frameworks to Manage stress is those provided by the various text
of Bhagvad gita.
1: When a problem seems too big and unwanted tell yourself that you are lucky that such an opportunity to solve such a problem came to you without seeking.
2: when you think you screwed up things So bad that there is no way to return but your intention was purethink that god or your higher self Is with you and will help you cross the river of misery and scorn brought by your actions.
3: when you doubt on the outcome of your actions or factors beyond your control remember that bad cannot occur to One to has done good.
4: When you wonder if you should switCh a job or business but believe that what you doing currently is the right thing remember that it Is better dying dong one’s prescribed duties than exceling at another’s duty because such a thing is dangerous
5:when you think all the world is out to get you them remember they are just a medium of a grandeur scheme.
6: when you think you cant convince somebody no matter what remember that god or your higher self is That person’s will like in everyone’s.

The Bhagvad Gita provides many more frameworks to cope with modern day stress. One must learn to remember the right text at the right time.

Remembering correctLy not only frees you of stress but helps one find the best solution to the problems that caused the stress initially.

The remembrance of the Gita at the right time must meet the condition
right problem
right text

This principle has done magic for me and would help anyone who could follow the principle.

The problem Is how can this principle take place?

you need to read the gita many times and understand it within the context of the then current problems you would be facing. these would put the texts in your system of mind.

killing stress is just a remembrance away.