Universe bending for me

September 5, 2020
2 min read

The air now-a-days is filled with a stillness of surrender by masses. It feels the world has given up. I could never imagine that one day the world would truly a reflection of my inner being. In my meditation I can see the work of the masters on this world through corona virus. It is a big game changer.

I just imagine many times what if this event had occurred earlier. It would have been a disaster to my learning, and prosperity. It all just seems that the closing of the world was in synch with my own development. How? Is it just my imagination or is it real? I know not.

In my mediation, I feel I am at the end of the galaxy, you name the distance, 100 billion trillion light years away, it doesn’t matter.

The funniest thing is that there is no objection, no obstruction in the form of “oh, I have to do this, make this call, make a living”. I just don’t understand for whom else this state of the world is useful. Even for other yogis who are practicing, this event would be unnecessary, it would be redundant because they were already recunciated. But for me renunciation by my will was not possible in this life. So it seems the world itself bent itself so that I make this jump in the spiritual journey.

I know it sounds crazy. I can’t believe it. Why would 7 billions lives be put at stake for me to complete my spiritual journey? It is insane.

May be since you are reading this, I was special, and masters really bent the world at the right time for me.