Who am i really ?

May 30, 2018
2 min read

Having read so many books sometimes I wonder how I am not confused , how do I not forget who I am , what I believe what are my principles are. I am just amazed at my own mind . any other person’s mind after being exposed to so many different experiences different of these points of us would be totally screwed in every possible way because that a person would not be able to have a standard frame of reference to anything in life. at one point I Just Wonder What is actually the truth is there unified theory to understand life or are they go wrong now they alright everybody has got the whole series and they have their own followers there is a proof everything in what to believe I am just totally shocked at how to Reconcile everything full stop however somehow I am able to make it Centre for this device for this unified scatter best contradictory information that I read and I think you enjoy it that’s the amazing part of the whole experience full stop God only knows what is the truth for example is there sorry just mind is there divine providence everything random is there anything such as it was meant to be yours is your chance what is a meaning to life or religion is it again I’m outside