Next level in meditation

June 3, 2020
1 min read

Something amazing has happened yesterday in meditation. I was really above the body in the upper part of the brain. i think it has been because of the practice of pratyahara everyday in my nap.

it felt both powerful and scary.

if i continued upwards i might lose awareness like i would be in sleep but this time by body would be in lotus position and my consciousness would be in union with some higher levels.

I guess we can reach with out of body experience at all levels from ghosts to demi gods to the supreme. I think in my case i waited until i would be able or be ready to reach the supreme state mentioned in the bhagvad gita.

this process has been reached since several days during meditation but i have always come back out of fear.

even i passed out, i would come back after the sound in my earphone would stop, so i should not be afraid.

Also the blessings are for me not against me, so i need to fear them.

the afternoon naps have bridged the missing part in my growth. it was pratyahara.