what I do during Samadhi

June 10, 2019
1 min read

yesterday in samadhi, my excited mind tried to pull my soul back to the mind. I had to will to go for OBE many times. But after so doing, the effect was steady and the pull of the mind was minimal.

I realized that the soul too had a role like the mind and body.

It was to:

  • move
  • emit energy
  • absorb energy

why are these roles of the soul, I don’t know. but i know that if i engage in these roles while in samadhi, I can stay in OBE, if not i fall back into the mind.

The role of the mind during meditation is:

  • recall memories
  • analyze them
  • synthesize thoughts

wow I realize there are so similar to one another.

So basically before i was able to enter in samadhi state, in mediation i would

  • focus on a thought
  • see where it came from, in an unending loop
  • join new concepts
  • come up with a creative answer
  • feel good about it
  • start the process again
  • repeat until all my issues got resolved: spiritual, personal, social, career, health, psychological, emotional, sexual

Then a point was reached when those issues became just so negligible. I think it is at that time that I was able to enter samadhi.