Showing the way to success to Safal

June 8, 2009
5 min read

At 16 he woke up to the consciousness that there was more to life than just passing exams and then looking for a job. 

First he got a job as a RJ and producer where he worked for 2 years and two sharing by youths (one a love problem and the other a child abuse case)  would again shift his consciousness.  This time it was telling him, “you need to start an organziation taht will give youths like the above two a way to find answers, and help. 

So he set up Youth for Youth association.  Like any initiative by youths, this one was endorsed by college authorities namely a Father Brooks.  And thus a 3 year journey filled with rubbing shoulders with socialites and celebrities began for SAfal.

ON the way he forgot the real purpose of this initiative but an accidental learning occured for him.  He worked day and night, for free and even spending his own money to organize events which was the main highlight of Y4Y.  He would not know but he confused the means for the end.  But still it was a good start. 

SO he organized his first program. It was a hit among people who needed to show off and mingle with other important peopel at other peopel’s cost: celebrities, and socialites. 

The theme was always a celebrity meet with students. 

It wasa noble purpose: to inspire the youth.  But without skills i wonder how much celebrity basking was done as opposed to inspiration.  Anyways. 

So it went on program upon program.  Safal was blinded by this passion to make Y4Y his baby into an adult. 

then one day, he was a on cab going to fix something for the next event, and there was a traffic jam.  The taxi meter read more than he had in his pocket.  He came down in the middled of nowhere. 

From that moment on another shift in consciousness occured in Safal.  This time it was that devoting his life Y4Y won’t feed him.

So be began soulsearching for ways to make money.  First he was sure he did not want to ‘eat a job’ as we say in Nepal.  He wanted to be the owner of his own company.  So he started a company.  He was used to big events.  So he decided he would organize symposiums to train the youth into success. 

He also had a website to go with his company and he came to me to get my story on it. 

But as a management consultant i saw that he did not have a business model.  He was angry about this Y4Y not paying him and with people not giving him anything material, plus he was inflated in his conception of his ability.  This is a recipe for any entrepreneurial failure. So i offered him to give him one of my life transforming coaching / counseling sessions.

He readily consented.  “Who cares about this man’s story, I first need to fix my story.  If he is going to do it, lets do it.”

So i began my asking him what he intended to do with his Y4Y. We came down to 3 options: make an exit plan (run a program and disappear), collapse it, give it to someone else to lead.  But we could not come to decision now

NExt, i told him that his strength were:

1.  organizing

2.  networking

3.  Making events happen

So his new company, (our should be clearly an event management company as he had intended it to be. 

He told me several people wanted to give him a job to promote their brands, but he did not want because he would have to work under them. 

I had to wake him up and tell him the difference between job and business.  As a job holder you have one job, one company, one boss. As a business man you have many jobs, many bosses who are called customers and many companies. 

I made a list of the people who he claimed wanted him to work for them.  In total they were 4. 

I told him to sell them event management package at Rs.10,000 per event + other TA/DA expenses paid by the client. 

Finally he discovered a business model. 

Then he would go to colleges which was his forte and convicne the principals to run the programs of his clients.  Neat. 

NExt i told him to scrap the idea of syposium.  Why take the risk? actually there it was the idea of a big college.  Tell them you will take the event management aspect of the event and let them take care of selling the tickets. 

I told Safal his weakness was in selling. I told him at this point, selling will dilute his image and hurt him.  Stick ot managing events. 

Again he said he wanted to bring out a book.  Again i told him, writing in Nepal is vanity business.  Don’t think you can money out of it. 

Finally i suggested that he offers the website as value added service to colleges who are his users and his paying clients who gave him organizing jobs. 

Thus i was so happy in showing safal the the way to success. 

LEts see how to fares. 

He still misses some virtues to success like gratitude but i am sure he will find it on the way.