Magic In front of an audience

November 12, 2010
2 min read

I thrill the audience taking them into a timezone that just moves so fast because i play with the rhythm of their minds so that it has no sense of time, just of my presence and our interplay.  I am just beginning to understand how i get all those incredible feedbacks by just talking and listening to the audience.  It is just such a heavenly pleasure to be able to move a whole group of people to new levels of consciousness in the name of profit.  To me it is as simple as surfing in the sea.  I just see the waves and the program or alloted time is the surf. 

Many won’t understand what i am saying.  Some will.  Others will want to do what i do. 

It is not teaching, it is not conducting training or just consulting or even leading.  It is dancing with the energy of work-related body. 

It is just an excuse like religion was upto a century ago.

Many agree i was born with it: the ability to spellbind any group of people with nothing but words and commands.  I can’t say i was born with it but i can say i had some talent which i polished. 

this world needs more people doing what i do, the way i do it.  If you are interested to follow this path of magical consulting/training, contact me.