One-day-CEO at a factory: motivating as usual

June 30, 2009
3 min read

It was a motivation and teambuilding workshop for 80 mechanics at mototbike workshop. 

I started with the teamwork part.  First i  asked them to form groups of 5.  Together they were supposed to decide:

1.  Who will take which position if they were playing a football game? and why that position for that person?

2.  Who will become what minister if you were to run a government? Why?

3.  Who will do what to make the workshop a great place? 

4.  Who will do what to make customers happy?

Then each group came and present. 

The objective as i told them is to teach them that in teams you have to choose the best man for the best place. 

NExt i againg asked the groups of 5 to come in front and make some kind of formation indicating teamwork. 

They instantaneously came up with various shapes. 

The objectives was to give them a visual and kinestethic experience of teamwork. 

Then i asked them to write down their weaknesses and strengths. 

The objective was to teach them that in teamwork, everyone had to acknowledge their weaknesses and ask help from others and in free time learn.  Then they had to share their strengths for the betterment of the team. 

The next game was a about writing a letter on a piece of paper.  So all wrote accordingly.  Then i called upon 3 people.  They all had a letter in hand.  One had B , the other S and the other A.  So i told them i wanted BALL, SPOON and APPLE.

The point was to call upon members of the team that had the particular missing letters and for those in the audience to volunteer to come forward. 

The objective is to teach the intellectual aspect of team which is to fill in the gaps. 

In the motivation part i asked them to draw themselves now and in 10 years.  The message was that in order to be motivated one had to have vision of the future.  One must remember that you are not just doing a job but also buidling a bright future. 

Finally i asked them to write down the reasons why they should be motivated. 

In the end i asked three of them to come in front and stand on one foot for as long as they could.  They did not bulge.  thinking it was because of the audience watching them, i asked the whole group to raise their leg.  They all did so and did not let it go even though no one was watching. 

I told them this was example of motivation and honesty. 

I also made them come forward and show the others physically how they were motivated? 

In this way, i motivated this work and gave them the language of teamwork as well as ways to reenliven this day in their work. 

In this they my one-day-CEO tenure finished at this factory.