Insight into Insights

November 8, 2010
1 min read

Once in a while everyone gets a flash of insight but the story changes when you are paid to give insight on demand. That is what I believe people pay me for when they hire me as a management consultant. 


How do insights come?  First you have to observe the situation.  Then you have to absorb as much data from the surrounding as you can.  Get people’s opinions.  Focus your minds’ eyes into a gap in the situation and get deep into it.  Keep your mind’s ears still on the moment.  Then just pick up the signal you receive.  Compare it with all the data you collected, along with all the related knowledge in your mind.  Wait.  Take a breath and let the words come out.  That is insight. 


Those like me who are professional insight providers, would do well if they checked this technique which is applicable in all areas of work and life.