Different motivations for different levels of staffs

September 1, 2009
1 min read

What happens if you give all the facilities you give a CEO to a lower level staff or somone in the level of labor?  He will stop working. 

What happens if you give the security given to middle level staffs to lower level staffs?  They will slack in their performance.

What happends if you put middle level staffs on yearly contracts like the lower staffs?  They will not take as much responsibility as they could and their performance will suffer.

What happens if you give a CEO the status of permanent staff like middle level instead of result and time based contract?  He will not get the thrill and he will delay or forget his organizational goals.

So what i am saying is that people at different level of the organization have different modes of operandi.  We are all humans in body but in mind we are so different. 

While designing HR policies keep this concept in mind.