Relationships strategy

May 1, 2022
2 min read

Even I may have lost much rapport with my wife like the millions of couples. I wish it was not like that and I think i tried a lot but there are things you cannot change in your spouse.

She is so good and for everyone that she forgets or doesn’t have time and energy for her husband. That is life. The sad part is that I have time and energy but I can’t give because it would then create a disbalance and more disaster. Thus I have refrain from giving more. It had been a law I learned early in my life: it is more important to keep a relationship than try to make it excellent and lose it. When the storms will die, in the former case, relationships will florish.

Lately I have been saddened because she did not share something with me and just took action. it is small and raising the issue will make me appear petty and irritating. Thus I must let it go although I wish I could confront her with that. But then it would escalate into more conflicts making things worse.

In many ways relationships is like a military operation when you must calculate each move to inflict the right amount the effect without cause escalation. Poor souls who don’t have enough brains to do such planning, can’t have a relationship in this 21st century. That is my i think real education is needed.