CEO Magic

January 7, 2011
2 min read

It is something like watching a magical revelation as I watch my ceo client perform. He Shifts wave lengths of Conversation like gear:

  • its one to one courseling  sessiOn with a staff;
  • Followed by a briefing to an event
  • finalizing the ad by cheking  minute error onl be ad next day
  • Giving the decision to accept defeat by returning ful payment adored to sale
  • Meeting  with a betrayer calmly
  • asking  ideas and registering filtering , Implementing
  • Signing cheques
  • Recieving  calls politely of investors

Besides this his job description  would be as follows

  1. Delegating and decentralizing  tO the extent Of missing all the  glamor
  2. Intervening  just when needed  as if he had a muse
  3. Authorizing and advising on new procedures
  4. Hiding  and disclosing information and secrets
  5. Getting updated on latest news
  6. Making inventory of all possible solutions, ailing on them and knowing when to let go
  7. Aligning his efforts to cosmic will
  8. Thinking of motives behind questionable aCtions of staffs
  9. Re- programMing mindsets
  10. Enforcing Cultural norms : behavior, altitude , Values and aspirations 
  11. Getting data aNd analysis for  strategy for mulation
  12. Accelerating and braking events
  13. forging partnerships
  14. Financial forcasting : meeting  with banks
  15. Getting Intelligence from work place and market: being  omnipresent 
  16. Choosing the right person fOr job 
  17. Initiate  Designing products and pricing 
  18. Anticipating possible problems, hazards , threats, change needed. 
  19. Damage control
  20. Staying atop office  politics
  21. Keeping group motivation high through meetings
  22. Remembering who needs vegetarian lunch
  23. Making stitCh on time to save nine Through counseling
  24. Making visions
  25. SelliNg  dreams as output of his  visions
  26. Organising relalionShips :people to people, people to work , work to work , people to authority, people to Responsibity through structures ard restructuring