Beyond conventional management consulting

January 4, 2011
2 min read

I started by journey into self-mastery at 12.  Twenty five years later I feel i have achieved a certain level at which i can say, “This is great.  I am satisfied so far.”

Events unfolded and now i am consulting for a company that so much reflects my aspirations when i was young: to be the best and greatest.  Many companies do but this one means it and has put resources into its vision.  More of all, it is paying me, a management consultant to build systems, coach, and lead. 

The more I get into this assignment, the more i realize that my sense of identity has expanded from my self-mastery to the vision-materialization of this client.  Some tools not used by conventional management like

  • visualization,
  • motivation maintenance,
  • performance enhancement,
  • strategy-action alignment,
  • system/structure construction based on management architecture,
  •  gardening approach to system/structure set-up,
  • evolving business model,
  • corporate lifecycle based managment focus,
  • separation and consolidation,
  • expansion of intent and its contraction,
  • public exposure management,
  • counseling as a stitch on time to save nine later,
  • planning buffers
  • trainings desinged as a medium of programming at behavioral, attitude, knowledge and intelligence level
  • and many more

I was creative as a modern-age mystic.  The next call from my destiny has put me into this vortex of this present client’s vision and investment.  What i have come to find out is that there is not much difference between me and my client organization. 

I was not able to exercise because of the heaviness of the new identification.  However now it is getting lighter and if i can start exercising tomorrow, i know that now my management consulting assignment is under control like my self-mastery was.