Frustration of Being a father

January 11, 2023
1 min read

Since the last few days I have been very frustrated as a father. It is just amazing how your children will never be what you expect them today how much you try. But then this is the natural cycle of Being a father. You do your best but then you don’t expect anything from your children.

I think that my frustration is representative of any parent and this is what being a parent is all about. The ability to experience this frustration, leave is it and don’t create havock in your children because of it is learning to be got.

The danger is that one might become a bitter person from this frustration which we should not.

I wish that my son was a certain kind of person maybe in my image but this will never be infact it should not be otherwise there is no learning. And there were accepting learning to accept others. But I made sure that he has skills required in this life and he has the conscience to make right decisions in the future and I guess this is what makes me happy in the end to have been a father.