Who are my friends

December 17, 2022
2 min read

People expect too much from life and as a result they suffer. I was Expecting too much from my spouse. It is not that I am crazy guy and expecting what not from her but even expecting a bit more than needed Feels Like a burden to me. The roots of most of the miseries that people suffer is wrong expectations.

I realise that I have no friends because it is not possible for any friends to be and do what I expect from friends. To me your friend is somebody who will listen to me, guide me without bias, but how is that possible. Instead I have found friends in my books that I read and this blog that I am writing.

I could not have any mentors because again nobody could guide me the way I need to be guided. So I found the most reliable mentor who will never let me down when I needed and will keep on pushing me to do the right thing for me until I do it. That mentor is non- other than my dream. I have discovered the power of my dreams and how they can guide anyone to the right direction. I Have been recording my dreams every night by waking up every 2 hours completing the sleep cycle. After having practiced for over 2 years I feel I have become really good at recording and interpreting my dreams.

So when you look it’s this way you realize that you got everything perfect. I have no roles missing in my life & my spouse is perfect.