The impossible balance

Fri, Jul 28, 2017

Thought of the day

The relationship between two people who stay together be it husband and wife , parents and children or business partners can never be in a harmonious balance. To that end the high feeling of one should always match that of the other as well as the low feeling. Both should be busy at the same time and free at the same time always. Sometimes even the moon is blue .

This imbalance is very powerful. It gives rise to great creativity or immense destruction. I think that this is what children should be taught at school repeatedly from class 6 onwards. This subject would be called “emotional science” like social science. Although it is also spiritual and physical this name should be given to make it catchy.

I was born with this skill of alchemy of the emotions. Most aren’t obviously born so otherwise we’d not have drug addiction, substance abuse, sexual promiscuity,divorce , suicide , murder. In fact i could trace every vice to the lack of emotional science.

At a milder level when the imbalance in the relationship is mild and the partners are not totally emotionally immature, there is chronic unhappiness , alcoholism, cheating, quarrels, frustration, fits of anger.

So I’m proposing we teach people the alchemy of emotions or emotional science. Like physics it would have few major principles like :
1. Imbalance is inevitable as the physical entities are separate
2. The emotions that arise as a result of the imbalance can’t be destroyed
3. To transform that emotion a combination of physical activity, mental framing, emotional control and spiritual practice is needed.

In the event one can transform the negativity born of the imbalance in relationship greatness is the outcome in the form of great wealth or fame. Deep serenity also comes after mastery.

I just wonder how the world is living ignorant of this most important emotional science.