Planning for Retirement

Fri, Apr 13, 2018

On Life/Success

Living today is easy. Work is waiting. After work , home is waiting. But this cycle will break down eventually. Do you have a plan for retirement?

In the absence of a well thought out plan these are some of the common outcomes after retirement:
Days spent without any purpose extending into months , years and decades. Some take up sleeping, quarrelling or gossiping as pass-time. Only death seems a salvation.
A new venture to match the last position is taken. Much of one’s life saving and more from loans mortgaging one’s assets, is invested in it. But history and statistics reveal 90% of any ventures won’t succeed. So many retired folks grow more in debt as they grow older.

I presented to extremes life choices. Most will live in between. But I propose there are other ways like:
Start planning your life after retirement as early as 40. Do your own SWOT analysis. Invest in the education you will need in later life.
Don’t wait till 60 to invest millions. Make little bets in various ventures you think you could excel. Be ready to win and retire early or lose and retire late. This is less risky than jumping for the first time in your 60’s .
Do deep soul searching and if money, the kick of achieving and a mass of followers are not what you crave for, experiment on various hobbies early on : joining an association, meditation, sports , community service , etc.
If you have tonnes of business loans, plan to pay them out from profits and if it’s not even theoretically feasible, plan to exit through sell out to someone who has the luxury of money and time.

In the end I want to say that happiness, wealth and success on a continuous basis till we grow old & die, isn’t an accident or a stroke of luck/probability or even providence/ fate. Instead it’s a conscious calculated effort using heavy cognitive muscles and sound mental models like BEL ( Balanced, Enlightened , Liberated ) Living.