Karmic perspective to Nepal bandas

Sun, Mar 29, 2009

Nation Building

In the past if someone died, no one would care.  Now also not many would care.  But if you happened to join a political party then your death will stop the nation, leading to a riot, a banda, and eventually a curfew.  That is if you are shot or wounded.  No such perks if you die of a disease.  But if you are a run down by a vehicle on a highway you will get similar ovation. 

There is a romantic perspective to this.  Many people wish secretely that when they die the world stops.  Isn’t it what happened to so many political party members?  May be Nepal is giving a way for people to exhaust their karma (that of the world stopping when they die).  In other countries even celebrities don’t get such a fanfare at their death.  Life goes on even if anyone dies. 

Eventually this karmic chakra will end.  Till then we will have to wait.

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