Active Patience

March 29, 2009
2 min read

Patience must be most important virtue required if one is to live and work in Nepal.  My life is guided by strong frameworks to take in unexpected eventualities and problems that come in daily life.  Without them i would be like most people swayed by the external environment, left to only thinkg of finding ways to escape. 

But it can’t be denied that the fruit of patience will not be sweet. 

You won’t be able how I see life in Nepal.  The peculiarity of this country is that there are many unexpected Banda and that there is no electricity and in many households no water, although in my house there is enough.  On the other hand the news speak on never ending conflicts of ego and unsettled negotiations at national levels.  It is enough to drive any patriotic person out of his idealism. 

However I have taken a different look at this scenario.  I think that unlike in the past when people had to retire in order to have a break, now they can have one unexpectedly.  Such periods of inactivity can be turned into moments of contemplation and meditation.  I’m not joking or being satirical. 

Even today i am stuck unable to go on a trip because the town i am supposed to go is under strike.  What options do i have?  Wait. 

But the waiting must be creative, it must be energetic, it must add value.  I have made such a choice.