Luxury is not good for leadership

June 1, 2009
2 min read

Nepal’s new PM got a car that cost 10 million rupees.  It is lots of money.  The car will do good to his bums and his nostrils but not to his image. 

Nepalese people are looking for a leader who will not indulge in the trappings of power.  In Nepal they are:

1.  Expensive cars

2.  Making your party followers ministers, secretary (managers) of various ministries

3.  Hiring your relatives to positions that are lucrative to get fat commissions on procured items and tenders issued

4.  Travelling aroung the world along with your whole family on nation’s tax payer’s money and donation meant for infrastructure

5.  Gaining popularity by inaugurating various functions

 Nepali people want leaders to be free of the greed to enjoy the above 5 luxuries. 

It is possible. One Ceo i am doing managing consulting for, did just that: he shunned all the five trappings of power in his huge organization, even though others in the industry indulge and his predessessors in the same company indulged. 

Now they is a precedent. It is now in the private sector, but i believe i will be able to raise the awareness that this simple leadership technique can and should be followed by ministers and the prime minister with complete discipline. 

Hey, Mr.Prime Minister, why don’t you hire me to be your management consultant for nation building?