The new truth about getting rich or simply surviving

Mon, Jun 1, 2009

Management Tips, On Life/Success

Did you ever care that your plumber or your electrician , the local laborer, the cabbie , the grocery shop owner and similar people you buy services or products from, survive, have enough to eat or not?

You don’t.  you buy what you need from them, and then you don’t want to hear from them. 

Then why are we complaining, when our companies don’t care for us? 

This world is very selfish.  Yet we have to live in this world. In one way, no one cares for anyone.  If you don’t care whether others have enough to eat, why should anyone care that you have or not?

Still there are some people whom all the others want them to be fed, be rich and if possible be happy.  so who are those people?  And why would anyone want them to stay fat?

1.  In the old days it was the leaders king.  He symbolized vision, unity and progress of the nation.  So every body was fine to eat some grams less and give it to him.

2.  In the modern age, it is the entrepreneurs/professionals/service providers/artists who bring us products and services that make our lives more livable, enjoyable and easier. 

The rest of the population does not enjoy such status.  The world would not care if you and your family were not able to pay your bills.  it is sad.  Yet it is the reality.

So rather than seek to gain immense wealth, i advise you to develop the brain power required for you to be able to give the rest of the population means to more success and happiness.

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