My marketing strategy

March 25, 2019
2 min read

Finally I designed a marketing strategy that is sustainable. For years I struggled to find it. I would do some marketing & I’d get so much work I’d stop any form of marketing. Then I’d be out of work & I’d do marketing again & I’d get work. This cycle continued & will continue unless I do things differently.

The first change in strategy was publishing daily videos on fb & linkedin. It is almost 365 episodes! I strive in sustainable strategies. But these videos are half of the marketing. It is the product or a trailer.

I needed something similar for the promotion part.

I could call some warm potentials but it’s limited. I could to calls but I hate phones. I could to pr visits but other training companies are much better at this. I could do door to door but it is not effective, & sustainable.

Finally I accepted I loved to write & so email marketing would best suit me.

For that I designed a signature with my photo & links. Next I divided the process into 3:

Find email addresses

Write content, or copy paste it


This I realize can become a habit.

So far I’m feeling good about it & sent about 200 emails.

My challenge is to find whom to email today. My target is at least 1 per day or 100.

How hard can it be to find one email address a day?