Naive ceo s

Sat, Aug 2, 2014

Management Tips

It seems the easiest to hire from the competitor and forego the pain of building a company from the ground up. However ceo s with such hr strategy will be in for a big shock if they take in anyone as long as it’s from the competition.

This head hunting strategy works only in one condition.

You have to identify the right person among all the staffs of the competition.

If you already have your own top level systems, strategies and cultures then you should hire the best individual players.

If you don’t these then hiring top perfirmers will frustrate them and the old staffs.

In this case you should hire the system architects. But most likely you’ll not know them easily they are hidden in the staffing of the competition in in assuming roles. Again even among them there is a diversity of roles from innovators to maintainers. You must decide which type of role needs to be filled currently.

If hiring from the competition was so easy any ceo with the biggest treasure box would be building success upon success by just spending more money. But it’s not so.

So if you are planning to bring in talent from the competition think at which stage of company is yours and what type of staff you need.