The truth of Manakamana temple

August 1, 2014
1 min read

Today I went to Manakamana temple. Not because I believe in it’s power but because I had to lead a training conducted in a resort there. But after the training I went in and did the Darshan and came back being pressured by my wife. Meaning without that pressure I’d likely not have gone in the temple.

However it doesn’t mean I don’t believe in god. It means that I don’t believe I’m the statue part.

So how are wishes being fulfilled? A goddess in heaven fulfills them? It’s like the idea of santa clause.

I have a different theory. I believe that it’s nothing to do with a goddess but all to do with the sub conscious mind.

Going there may help people lower their mental vibration to be in touch with their sub conscious minds. So a willful thought planted there will definitely bring in desired outcome. People are scared about the power of their psyche so they give the credit to an imaginary goddess.

That’s my theory of Manakamana temple.