The perfect game theory

April 19, 2020
1 min read

this lockdown is going to be a long haul. many people will not only lose their money but they lose their minds. it will be the greatest test on humanity ever because suffering was never so universal ever.

there is escaping. it is the perfect game theory scenario:

  • mix with other and you might catch the virus
  • even if you don’t care to die from the virus, you can infect others
  • even if you don’t have clue you have the virus you might be carrying the virus and thus can infect others
  • even if you are immune to the virus, you can still be carrying the virus and infect others
  • even if you die the virus stays in your body

So what the hell you can do except lockdown? it is the perfect solution to the world problem of unlimited growth.

it is the perfect recipe to change the world by the gods. time had come. all we can do is to wait on it.

  • some won’t gain anything
  • some will lose a lot
  • some will lose everything
  • some will go hungry
  • some will die
  • some will suffer

but the agenda of the gods will be fulfilled.