Rising the mental ladder

August 8, 2010
2 min read

This mental plane I am talking about is a new place for intuitive people like me.  Techiques of motivation, leadership, training pass through me onto my audience.  It is just fascinating to be part of such a gush of energy so well orchestrated. 


I don’t design as people might think. I see what comes and organize it so that it makes sense to the masses.  Then I also create of my own will at times. 


This dance with the universal consciousness is as close as one gets to nirvana during one’s life time, in action, in motion. 


To people like me it is most difficult to relate back what the cosmos feeds you, in a logical, rational and scientific manner to the community that holds the key to mass acceptance of our acclaimed talents. 


Truly even though I am famous in my country and thousands of people have validated by motivation and consulting technology with corresponding better well-being and better organizational outputs, I know I am still in my infancy.  Larget glory awaits me. 


The block had always been my inability to concretely, say

1.      What is it that I do?

2.      How I do it?

3.      Why I do it?

4.      Can it be taught? To whom? In how long?


However, finally something is taking shape in my mind like the tectonic plates that move to make new continental shapes.  I’m able to pinpoint the answer to the above 4 questions. 


I have found the following that underlie my management consulting, motivation and training tecnologies. 

  1. the principle
  2. the step by step methodologies
  3. the impacts
  4. the side-effects
  5. the predications
  6. the limitations
  7. the mechanics


I am even getting to the level by which I can find the above 7 components to my writing, thus making it even more powerful and professional. 


Just for your information, I have made negligible income from my half a thousand published articles as compared to an equal number of workshops, consulting.  One day I know, I will make fortunes writing.  But I’m not so gifted a writer as I am a motivator.  But I’m learning…