Foolish Gurus

April 11, 2019
1 min read

More than half of me is not in this physical body. it is in OBE with that cirlce of masters. I can’t feel them or see them fully, yet i know i have arrived.

What will this unification at such a high level with a mortal like me lead to, i know not. But given my strong foundation of morality and habits, nothing bad can happen : all my shadows have been exonerated with dignity. In the case of men, sex, love and romance is the main shadow desires that lie hidden and burning waiting for any opportunity to come out. I dealt with those aspects before entering samadhi. in fact i forsook samadhi many times knowing i had some more shadow karma left.

Fools they are these so called monks, gurus and masters who use little cooked enlightenment to make followers put them in the pedestral of greatness because the ascended master have refused to give them this exalted position.