The new vision

August 7, 2016
2 min read

So this is what I see from my current summit.

MMS Management Group with the world famous motto, “ownership not charity” by 2036AD is listed in NASDAQ. Its core offerings are still :
Management Consulting
Venture Capital

It has transformed Nepal into a rich nation by taking public over 100 companies from multiple sectors.

It earned over 100 Arab rupees from capital gain upon selling shares. It owns shares in another 100 + companies in the process of going public in NEPSE. This is estimated at over 200 Arab rupees upon selling.

It still earns yearly management consulting fee from those NEPSE listed companies in the range of 1 Arab rupees per year.

Its training business is provided mainly for existing companies not in its ownership. No management consulting service is provided unless shares are given.

The Nepali economy has never seen such a boost but it look MMS Management Group more than 10 years, the genius and lifetime learning of its founder & chairman Mr.Manohar Man Shrestha and his devout team he calls the Inner Core.

Now listed in NASDAQ, its aim is to repeat this model in other underdeveloped nations.

It estimates annual revenue from capital gain from its global network to exceed 100 Billion dollars.

The biggest shareholder is still the founder & chairman retaining 15%.

The objective of MMS Management Group has always been to make every citizen a shareholder in the economy thus taking them away from self-destructive practices such as politicking and bribery.

Founder & Chairman Manohar Man Shrestha who is a mysterious figure is to begin a new venture called
MMS Government Management Consulting. He will hand over his chairmanship to his son when he’s 30, that is 10 years from now.

Best of luck!