Seeing the world pass by

April 24, 2016
2 min read

In the morning, quietly, at my house that is so disconnected to the world of activities, I read the news from BBC, then see what people are posting in Facebook, then the newspaper falls out of the gate and I read the headlines. I am nowhere in these news. Neither for any thing good nor anything for anything bad, I am mentioned. It is good.

Yet something is missing. Slowly I am formulating my vision as I see the world pass by. I don’t want my name mentioned but I want to know my influence in the events of the world: all quietly. Not only as a writer but as the management consultant and trainer to all movers and shakers whose aim is demonstrable power inform of assets and followers. I seek neither. I have enough assets for two lifetimes and enough followers from whom the 2nd layer of followers will be generated.

Of course I will not be overtly powerful but in silence I would have changed the world.

I am not a normal person with limited ability or even just great strength. I am a reincarnation that is aware and with such immense powers that are destined to redefine existence on earth for all of humanity: a bit like Darwin did but more like Buddha did in religion. My area however is management of organization or life.

Will I be able to live my destiny? Only time can tell but the way life unfolded is indicative of the high possibility of me fulfilling the destiny I was revealed to when I was 17.

For now listening to the birds chirping, watching trees of my grandparent’s time, feeling the morning cold, I sit back or live with the flow and see the world pass by.