Meeting an accident

November 23, 2010
3 min read

I took a shorter route to my workshop of today.  How could i know that it was a decision i would regret. 

My car was moving slowly.  I slow a bike speeding towards me trying to take over a pickup.  I just stopped.  The bike went out of control and hit my bumber.  The rider fell off.  More damage was done to my bumper with the rotating wheel of the bike. 

People gathered around.  I stayed in my car as they pulled the rider out and the bike away.  The rider was walking, the bike’s handle jammed. 

As i tried to move my car, a noise came.  Something was wrong.  I realized that the problem occured when i turned left. 

I came out to find out that the rider was running away from another accident he had caused further up.  The earlier victim was running after him.  The police came.  The rider was caught.  People told me to claim for my damages. 

But i was on my way to the workshop in 15 mins.  I could file a complaint, get some money but i would miss the workshop and worse i would reach there in a rough mood.  Mood is everything in my work. 

So i quit the scene. 

I was not angry but i was afraid the damage to my car was major because of the noise.  Reaching my client’s place, i found a mechanic and the problem was fixed in no time for free. 

The workshop began, and for sometime i was feeling violated. 

But slowly i tuned in the purpose of my workshop which was to inpire and entertain the participants.  My low state matched their normal states.  I moved my energy up along with theirs.  The end was the same fun, laughter, confidence,  dance. 

I had had a premonition earlier about an accident as i was on my way to work.  I thought what would i do?  stay adn claim or leave and reach on time? 

This time i chose the second one.  My wife says i am too good , in the negative sense.  I think i was logical.  One hour to claim an amount from a kid, spoiling my mood, was not worth the damage to the quality and purity of my delivery and my impacceble timeliness. 

Then i thought what point is it to take from this kid who had now lost a many years of his life.

I was also thankful that the bke hit my car.  i imagined the damage it would had done had, it hit another bike, or person as it raced further down. At least his escape ended with just a twistd bumper of some successful consultant. 

In short i like to see everything in the positive angle.  Now i can do that even when i am victim.