I wish I could guide the jobless ones

September 16, 2020
1 min read

It was another day, the same day repeating itself over and over again. Exactly the same.

When I was giving training in NBI, I had this vision of napping at the same time. It was the 2nd last training.

There was a time when I was earning 25k a day and I was free by 5pm. I was the best at what I did. Even if I could make such money now, what use would it be? But I do miss the kick of being a big earner. Every one lost on this kick except some I guess.

I wonder how much money do I need to earn now on?

It is just I feel sorry for the rest of the world who doesn’t have any investment or even savings, who need a job. I wish they all got a job before I did.

I wish I could have a job that would help me get all of them get a job in the new economy.