Designing your Career

April 13, 2018
2 min read

People live and die. Before oneself , our parents will grow older and die. This is the unbreakable truth, yet very few working professionals prepare for this eventuality. Most don’t even think about it. Then when the day of the final breath occurs, shock and chaos take over.

People don’t know how much power over circumstances they have. This is possible through deliberate systematic planning of one’s career , business and life at a lower mental frequency, some people call it sub conscious state others all it theta and delta states.

People have got power beyond their imagination. They could make demands to the universal dice throwing mechanism, as such:
Design me a career that I could use and sharpen my in born talents that are either known to me or hidden
Design me a career that will allow me to be rich as well as happy
Design me a career that will enable to take care of my aging parents
Design me a career that is in sych with the lives and careers of my spouse, children, parents

This sounds crazy, I know. But this is how it works.

Some will say, that if everyone was doing this designing of careers like I am prescribing, then who’d do the odd houred jobs, those that demand total alientation from family? Well there are many people who are in that phase of life where they have lost family, they’d be the candidates for such jobs.

Then everybody would do ‘nice jobs’. Not true, the definition of ‘nice’ differs between various people.

With a little of BEL (Balanced Enlightened Liberated) Living type of thinking, everyone can design a perfect-enough career at any stage of their lives, then after the situtation changes, the re-design would start again.