Being a husband

July 21, 2020
2 min read

When all the world is out of work, bankers including my wife are super busy.

I don’t know i feel left out. it is natural. At times i feel i am losing my self-respect being out of work. not only that: knowing that my career as a trainer is almost over as the recession and social distancing set in. i will have to find a new career. i will but it won’t be easy. in addition i have crossed that time of hunger.

I know how to manage my time and emotions. i just wonder how disbalanced the world of relationships is becoming around the world.

I don’t know at times how to deal with my wife as i am struggling with handling myself.

That is what being a husband is.

I wish things were easier. but there is no easy way out. i would been happy if in the whole world i was the only one going through this. but instead billions of people are going through this sickening and disempowering feeling.

i know her and her need to have mood swings. i accept that. all husbands have choice:

a wife who can live her emotions and having to live those swings


a wife who is perfect but in the end contracts a terminal disease.

I really prefer the first case.

I wish i was somewhere else, someone else.

In these times i feel millions are suffering quietely. i guess this is my solace to my own pain.

it is a great pain. it is just a pain out of compassion. it will go like always.