2024 Jan Planning

January 19, 2024
3 min read

I have completed the part two of my trilogy on the book series called the Unified Theory of Motivation and Living. It was a massive undertaking. I’ve achieved the impossible but at this point I am blank because I have no more challenge left and I am now looking for my next challenge for the coming year.

I looked back at the various challenges I took upon before the book series last year which were the video series on youtube, Facebook and linkedIn. I did so much but I failed in the miserably in terms of outcomes like number of views and subscribers.

I want to continue with those videos but I just don’t know how and why. What is the objective I want to fulfill now. Before I cannot say it was a full failure because the objective was my own personal growth which I have achieved. Now that I’ve achieved my own personal goals like making the best possible presentation impromptu, the confidence on stage, the ability to speak at the drop of the hat: all this have been achieved. But now what should I aspire for. May be I’m looking for more business but I’m doubtful that this will occur and if it is what I want or not I don’t know.

And one way I failed miserably with this 1,700 video uploads but in other way I grew into the writer that I am now who should have been impossible without those videos and also my stage presence now. There is this impeccable event to my standard and one day if the world ever sees me perform on stage it will be unbeatable that again is due to those videos that I did. But the world doesn’t know and I don’t care about the world knowing. But the question is should I continue those videos series or should I start writing again and forget promoting myself.

But the truth is that the future of knowledge from now on would be very much on video and I can’t lose bass on that no matter how hard the journey will be.

So no matter how much bitter memories of failure surge upon as I ponder upon my next challenge I know that I cannot leave the base of the video series and I must do something about it so I think I’ll take some days to come up with a new project.