Finally, I see books written by me

September 23, 2022
3 min read

Something in me is shifting. This holiday season, as usual there will not be much work. After the chat with that person, I really felt a ‘tsunami in me’ was calmed. It is karma. In the past when the internet was not available, people would have to do really silly and risky things to attain what i have without hurting anyone.

But in this blog I want to clarify a change in my intention. It has become clear that the door to USA will not open in the way I imagined with a ‘letter in a bottle’. That story is lame. No me as the protagonist, I must be more inventive. In addition, I just strongly feel that that time has come for me to write my books.

I had been putting that idea off for when retire but may be it doesn’t have to be because of my powerful habits. I can just write consistently plus I figured a system that works for me and I have also tested it and it passed. I myself found it easy to work with and my past failings were undone with this system.

I have time now. I have motive. I can write and I will not be chagrined that those books were not published. It doesn’t matter. But even as a draft, I can use them to open doors to my destination to a world forum. I can then send the draft and conversations would start from there. I could ask people to forward the books.

Up until now I was what to say still trying to find out the truth. I never left I had arrived.

Now I feel I have arrived. Of course may be it is an illusion but then the type of ideas that are coming in my head make commercial and logical sense unlike the big fat ego filled idea of books I had last year.

So that is it, I will be writing books in my free time now on. I would do some chatting when i need dopamine or creativity.

After I have the first book, I can do many things like send it to be published in newspapers in piece meals. I could also post on social media.

As my nature I will have to start 3 books at the same time. I am about to reach 49, so it took me really a long time to decide to write.

Now I have to choose the themes, titles.