May 19, 2018
2 min read

Till yesterday i was in a self made illusion that my life was screwed, that all hopes for me was over , that I’ll not be able to earn money again like before , that my business ideas failed. The maxim that a broken chock gives the right time twice a day applied here too. All the above things are true at this point of my life but tone hasn’t stopped for me and most importantly I’ve not stopped trying to succeed : it is a different and sad thing I’m not succeeding at it.

But I’ve learned to be patient and even now it has paid off. Just that I’ve not succeeded as i planned in the time line i wished.

However today that illusion of doom is fading away like a cloud. I guess neither doom or glory is true. I don’t need great glory either. I know what i need. I have all that i need and enough money to have that for the test of my life. Succeeding would have given me more things that i don’t need. If there are new things i need then the universe will give me success. Truly that is not my problem.

At this current stage there is no cause i want to sponsor so what will i do with any need found success. My little wish to travel the world can be easily fulfilled with my current income and I’m not going because of other circumstances; may be I’m waiting for work to take me there and it’s not happening. Even that as a traveler in my youth i know the world at par holds little more than i already have. So again I’m not craving it.

No more success onwards isn’t for me , it is for the world if it needs me.