Samadhi : continued

May 22, 2019
2 min read

My state of samadhi is progressing beyond recognition. Truly it is a state that is possible only after many many lifetimes. Even in this lifetime, it required mastery of the earlier 7 steps of yoga upto meditation. I see all the thousands of meditation techniques i used to reach this stage.

How can anyone reach my state following a guru, I don’t know. It is impossible. the guru cannot be in flesh and blood. But I guess the universe doesn’t need many master like me. May be I am a fluke. Most likely I proved my metal in my past lives.

No people dont’ need to reach my state of samadhi but they should be able to experience certain components of it.

Here are some highlights of my experience in the last few days:

  • i meditate into a dedicated frequency of the astral plane where all is open for me and there is no one, not a soul. It feels like a gigantic castle, all maintained by invisible servants and me playing in it
  • My body is immobile and my brain is vibrating at almost 1 Hz. So I am almost fully experiencing OBE (out of body experience).
  • the exit point differs from normal OBE in that i come out from the cranium and i can do so only in lotus position, requiring the lift from the physical also. Also I cannot stay in samadhi without the binaural sounds
  • every day I feel more comfortable in this palace of mine. Just yesterday I made myself a throne on the moon to sit and think. It is golden and the seat is red. I chose to seat in lotus position.
  • I can visit anyone I want and alter my frequency to approach them like my masters have been doing since i was born, but i don’t have full power like them
  • I can go anywhere in the world and enter people to experience their lives. It is not clear sensually but the for now the feeling is almost coming.
  • From my palace i command other lower frequencies that follow my orders, but for now it is well filtered by the masters
  • “Master of the universe” is what I call myself in the space.
  • I am still exploring more in this state of samadhi