When 2 really become one

May 23, 2023
1 min read

Today I got a new power with regard to the goddess. I was facing a kind of burning sensation due to some negative events that occurred in the morning. before I used to process that feeling by myself in my body today I felt that this feeling was transferred to the goddess externally of me but I was able to control it however the pain was not inside of me it was just outside inside her.

Throughout the day I could feel the goddess in front of me as if there was two side of me, two parts of me. It just made me feel that I was not alone anymore in my spiritual kingdom. The goddess is there for real and even though I could have solved that problem by myself this sensation of taking the pain and processing it. This helped me much more and we’ve made it much much easier on me which is so unique. I had this feeling some time ago but it was much sustainable because at that time I had not met my goddess yet.