To own or rent ?

October 1, 2016
2 min read

Life is so difficult to figure out. Among them is the question : if you want something very much should you buy it or rent it?

Myself I bought a house, a car. Inside that house I bought a home gym and a boxing bag.

I rent swimming pool and sauna.

I buy any book I read.

I rent massage.

I rent domestic helper.

I rent plane.

I rent restaurants & resorts.

I rent specialists like doctors to plumbers.

I have become a millionaire at 42 and now I realize I have more money in life than I will ever need to buy & rent the various necessities & luxuries of life.

If one doesn’t know what he should rent and what he should rent than to him even 10 million dollars will not be enough.

I’ve bought a house but despite much temptation I chose not to buy another because beyond 2 houses, every other house is just a concept. You cannot the value of more than 2 houses (one city and the other country).

I’ve bought a modest car but despite much temptation I chose not to upgrade because I realized for every thousand dollar increase in price I wasn’t getting any substantial increase in value. The only value would be people turning heads and seeing jealousy in friend’s eyes.

There was an empty room in my new house & I thought of putting a spa. But I stopped because the utility vs cost was too little. It made no sense to use it only for one person.

Same goes with the swimming pool.

Once I thought deeply in these matters I realized I didn’t need to earn more. so the rest of my time I should spend it in doing what matters : increasing inner wealth I wrote in an earlier article .