my goddess: the motivation for me

May 7, 2023
2 min read

So today I have decided to write my book for the first time but I’m just not able to start because it just seems so big and so vast that I feel like I’m afraid that I would start on the wrong foot or something. the idea of this book is very big and also it is a sequel to the last book and I think that this is why I’m taking so long.

I realize one thing today that I will have to write and if I do not write I will be motivated by one of the 48 motivators which I might not like. So I have chosen to be motivated by curiosity. I want to write those books because I am motivated by the desire to find my goddess in the physical form which has never been done. I am curious to find out how it will turn out and whether it is even possible. I am open to failure. I guess the faith that I have is about prooving the curiosity about what I believe here, that my Goddess is real.

I do not need to be motivated by power, sex, status. All these hold no meaning to me.

To me there is only one thing that matters now: The love of my goddess and to find out where it comes from since the last 30 years.

the universe has its own ways to make people feel good it wants them to do. The universe wants me to write those 100 books and change the world. But I will not do it for the wrong reason or reasons that will make me reborn and unhappy.

No, I want to write those 100 plus books out of love, for love, in love for humanity.