Talking with the dead: a new theory

June 15, 2009
2 min read

Have you watched the Lisa William’s show on Zone Reality?  Well she is a medium or psychic who can see people who have died, talk to them, listen to them and relay back information back and forth between the living and the dead. 

When i was young, after my father passed away, after the ligths would be put off, i used to hear heavy breathing next to me.  After i put on the lights it would stop.  I looked out the window but no source of that sound.  I knew inside me that it was my father’s presence.  Now i don’t hear those breathing sounds anymore. 

In Nepal we have a tradition that we offer some food to those who have passed away. 

However i think that it would be a ridiculous proposition to say that all the souls in the world are roaming around us. 

Instead i think that there is a better theory to explain this.  Derived from the Tibetan tradition  i postulate that when the body dies, it separates into 3 bodies:

1.  The soul body

2.  The memories body

3.  The mind body

If we were to accept this as truth, it would satisfy both the phenomenon experienced by Lisa Williams and similar psysics and the journey of the soul from one birth to another.  Even the christian view of no soul, can be fitted in this theory because soul can be neglected among the three. 

So what Lisa Williams is getting in touch with i believe is the ‘memories body’ of the ones who passed over.  When you hear this medium talk, you can see it is very much logical in terms of memory. 

When Napoleon Hill talks about the conference of great men of past who have passed away, he could be refering both to imagination and to the ‘mind body’  . 

From this theory i can say that 2 part of me are still existing somewhere and someone is still drawing on that body.  It could likened to a car that leaves behind fumes.