Next summit for my meditation

February 10, 2019
1 min read

I have meditated since 16 years of age and that is the time i was aware of it. I know I left where I had left in past lives. I have always been self-guided and changing my meditation style as needed.

However now at 45, in 2019, I realize I have achieved all. I am for the first time confused on where to take my meditation practice of daily 1 hour.

I am looking on google and youtube for advanced practitioners, but none are there. No gurus could guide me as I have been through totally nontraditional paths.

I wonder thus is it time to retry Samadhi again? Everytime i tried, I was pulled back for other forms of meditations to finish karma.

I guess i will have to go for it using binaural beats music in the absence of any other ideas right now.