Birth, death and rebirth

September 14, 2020
2 min read

It was going fine today until I had to listen to my mother complain about my son’s disrespectful behavior. Then I realized it is that type of events I tried to escape in my past life by renouncing my home. It is not that bad, is it? I did know better in those lifetimes. I ran away so many times. But in this life I just settled down. It is not fun but it is not hellish or even binding as I had thought.

I regret for having broken the hearts of many people including my mother, my wife, my son in my past lives. But I had to get the knowledge. I had to. And I got it also and in this life it is finding its use. I need to teacher, I need not go out even to progress. But it must have come a great cost to all those people I abandoned. I am sorry. And in this life I am making it right.

I wonder what I will be reborn into in next life. All the people who died I know in this life will be reborn. They will re-start. They will forget who they were. They will be born to people whom they have karma with. These parents will live new karma with the new child unknowing that they had a long history in past lives. And the cycle will continue eternally.

When you don’t know these things, when someone dies it is the end, but when you can see like I am showing you, then death is an inevitable new beginning. You just can’t help wonder, where they will be reborn. Some may wait for you to die so that you all can take rebirth together in a new drama.

So when I hear my mother complaining I see all those past lives. Then she is so old and I wonder what birth awaits her.

Then it is said liberation is the end of this cycle of birth, death and rebirth. I don’t know, if such a feat is possible or it is just an illusion.

Billions of dramas between the billions of souls has been played and need to be played.

I made lot of progress in this life. Much of what I acquired will pass over my death. Anything that doesn’t I have not focused on as an instinct.