Madness of people

January 2, 2017
3 min read

I see around people who are trapped:
1. some in debt
2. some in addiction
3. some is bad relationships
4. some in ambitions
5. some in remorse
6. some in monthly survival to pay bills
7. some in anger
8. some in fear
9. some in vanity
10. some in altruism
11. some in convictions

I don’t see a single free man. Not even the billionaire is free nor the vagabond babaji is free. The former is bound to the fear of losing his wealth and the latter is bound to his convictions.

What if we could be free? The dead isn’t free either, bound by negative emotions.

Myself I have lived my entire life to become free and to avoid being trapped.
1. I freed myself from a meaningless life and scarcity by taking up this current career
2. I freed myself from debt my working hard to pay them off
3. I freed myself from addictions through unconventional means and wisdom
4. I freed myself from negative emotions through reflections and self-healing
5. I freed myself from vanity by renouncing desires that didn’t matter for me
6. I freed myself from altruism by assessing its limitations
7. I freed myself from false convictions through realization

And so i am free but if I am not wise I can be trapped anytime, it is just so easy.
1. I could follow my ambition and start my company right now
2. I could buy myself a big range rover on credit
3. I could pick up verbal fights at home and at work

It is just so easy to be trapped.

My astonishment is thus why do people lose their minds and become trapped?
1. cooling down the fire of their emotions is more important than peace of mind
2. quick buck now is better than tomorrow
3. what others think or say about you, is more important than harmony in your life
4. enjoy today because tomorrow it might be too late

But i think the biggest reason people are mad, is that they think they will die early.

Alas life in the 21st century is long for all. Being trapped is debt, negativity, vanity or even altruism results in:
1. loss of peace of mind
2. disconnect with one’s soul
3. feeling of unhappiness despite having it all
4. irreconcilable issues
5. continuous stream of bad news as if the universe has conspired against one

In short bondage leads to unending torment.

Yet I fail to understand why people still choose to be trapped? To me they are mad.
Why can’t you see the world and life as it is meant to be:
1. no money is enough
2. no gratification is enough
3. no victory is permanent

Peace and harmony can be permanent. Why not strive for them?