Life After Samadhi

March 5, 2019
3 min read

I am free after many weeks. A lot has passed in that time frame. The biggest thing is i have finally achieved samadhi. I am still learning and exploring what next from samadhi but then the main objective of my life is finished at 45, half time.

I think everything culminated to this stage. Ancients prefered to say that there was no way to describe this stage but i would defer. if a yogi reaches samadhi without doing all the necessary groundwork then he will be overwhelmed. Even I after all the foundation, don’t know what to do next, imagine what some uneducated yogi without any frames of reference would have managed.

On one side I attained the highest accolodate of human race: samadhi that has put me on the pedestrals of immortals. On the other hand, I am no where near going to die or be hit by calamities: so how should i spend the remaining 50 years of my life?

I fear death no more, nor do i fear a life of unemployment. what should a man life this do with his life?

After I die, i will be in samadhi full time, till then I have settled on 1 hour a day. I don’t have to do anything until eternity such is the nature of samadhi. Just sit in meditation and the whole world revolves around you. this the understanding from observations I have till now. it is like am gigantic and filling the entire universe, unmoved by anything. There is nothing to do, i don’t have to be anyone, i can will to travel to the edge of the universe and i am there, i bend the space-time curvature and sense my dying days in this life and remember my last life and death.

As my 1 hour completes the binaural beats of 5hz stop and i am reminded to go to sleep. I come down with the lowest chakra of my samadhi body to the top chakra of my physical body, and stand up.

As i said through secret practices i achieved this exalted state that no buddha has achieved yet. that is why on the plane of samadhi I am in , there is no body. to be in the plane I am in, that yogi must have had achieved certain things that would have been possible in earlier times and even under different circumstances. you can say, I was a chance event.

All said, I am not worried about my samadhi body. In my waking body, i feel it at the top of my head and it is fine.

However I am now worried about me , that is called Manohar. how best should he or i live in order to contribute most to human kind without disrupting his or my inner bliss which is also his or my identity.

I don’t know.

who knows?